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About Live Voltage

Live Voltage is a North American tribute act dedicated to embodying the rock n’ roll prowess of AC/DC. Since 2015, the group’s curation of an authentic live music performance has transported their fans to AC/DC’s live performances of the 80s.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, AC/DC needs no introduction. The band’s musical blend of hard rock and blues has gone unmatched for the better part of the last forty years. Formed in 1974, AC/DC continues to produce albums and tour with their unmatched energy to this day.

With AC/DC slowing down in recent years, the demand for their music has become higher than ever. Live Voltage seeks to fulfill the need of generations of AC/DC fans by creating a show reminiscent of the band in their prime.

Live Voltage caters to AC/DC fans by providing a variety of the band’s earliest to most recent hits. Vocalist John Kairis bounces between the charismatic stylings of Bon Scott and the gut grinding power of Brian Johnson. Lead guitarist Colin Wielenga produces an electrifying experience for fans as Angus Young. Bassist Tom Roche, rhythm guitarist Justin Mayberry and drummer Michael Todd ground Live Voltage in a solid and unwavering rhythm section.

“If I couldn’t see them, I’d swear I was listening to the real deal!” — actor Neal McDonough.

Live Voltage has become a well-known live entertainment staple as more and more fans experience the group’s unforgettable, high-energy performances. From the roaring Marshall amps, to the pounding and steady drum beats, every detail is spot on. Combining the attitude and energy of AC/DC is no easy feat yet Live Voltage knocks it out of the park when it comes to putting on an electrifying show.

AC/DC and its music is not just a show, it is an experience that an audience member will remember for a lifetime. If you’re in need of your AC/DC fix, Live Voltage is guaranteed to have fans rocking all night long.

John Kairis
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Colin Wielenga

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Thomas Roche
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Justin Mayberry

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Michael Todd
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"If I couldn't see them, I'd swear I was listening to the real deal!"Actor Neal McDonough

Audio Samples

  1. Live Voltage Dirty Deeds 1:15
  2. Live voltage Back in Black 0:27
  3. Live Voltage Money Talks 1:02
  4. Shook Me all Night Long Live Voltage 1:26
  5. Live Voltage TNT 0:18
  6. Highway to Hell Live Voltage 0:50
  7. Shot Down in Flames Live Voltage 1:07
  8. Demon Fire Live Voltage 0:26

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