AC/DC Tributes in Edmonton

Edmonton has 1 local AC/DC Tribute Band, Dirty Deeds.

Dirty Deeds AC/DC Tribute

Dirty Deeds is an AC/DC tribute band from Edmonton, Alberta represented by Graffiti music. Dirty Deeds plays mostly in Edmonton, Calgary and some festival shows in Saskatchewan including Good Soil, Tralapa and Dog patch. In Edmonton or Calgary you can catch them playing Casinos.

Their bio explains that “the original Dirty Deeds was a mainstay on the Alberta “A” circuit beginning in 1986. The band ceased in 1992 but then later started back up again and are active currently.

— Dirty Deeds

Touring AC/DC Tribute

Who Made Who is an AC/DC tribute band from Ontario that frequently plays in Alberta. Who Made Who handles most of their bookings through agents.

— Who Made Who

Live Voltage AC/DC Tribute

Live Voltage is the newest AC/DC tribute band to tour Alberta. In 2020 they were booked to play at the Bear’s Den and Shakers Roadhouse. The 2 shows were canceled due to Covid restrictions. Live Voltage says that they are planning an Alberta tour Spring of 2022. The Live Voltage tour will include 10 shows in the cities of Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat, Fort Mac, Fort Saskatchewan and Cochrane.

Live Voltage is advertising a live stream in Edmonton on June 26, 2021 on

— Live Voltage