AC/DC Tributes in Vancouver

Vancouver has 3 local AC/DC Tribute Bands. Live Voltage, Thunderstruck and OCDC with BC/DC visiting Vancouver from Nelson, BC.

OCDC AC/DC Tribute

OCDC is an AC/DC tribute band from Vancouver that plays some local shows every year. They frequently play the Haney Club in Maple Ridge and played the Cloverdale Fair Grounds on September 28, 2019. They state they are “Vancouver’s best AC/DC tribute act……..close as you get to the real thing, without the $150 ticket!!”


Vancouver's Thunderstruck AC/DC Tribute

Vancouver’s Thunderstruck plays local shows in Vancouver including Donegals in Surrey, BC. Their lead guitarist (playing Angus) Mike Federici is shared with OCDC. Thunderstruck features Budd Marr, former bassist of Sweeny Todd Band Check out their Facebook page. Vancouver’s Thunderstruck state that they are “Western Canada’s best tribute to AC/DC, covering the best material from both singers.”

— Vancouver's Thunderstruck promo video

BC AC/DC Tribute

BC/DC tribute AC/DC band has been around for more than 20 years! “Unlike many tribute acts claiming to be “North America’s #1 Clone” or “Just Like the Real Thing”, BC/DC has turned the tables. The band takes a comedic approach, claiming the tunes as their own, and to having “heard of some BC/DC tribute band from Australia”. They rarely give factual interviews to big city press. Adding to the schtick, the band members all go by comic aliases – lead singer Brendan Raftery’s Brian “Bon” Johnscottson paying respects to both AC/DC’s famous frontmen. It’s working. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” (read the full article here)


Live Voltage AC/DC Tribute

Live Voltage is the most active AC/DC tribute band in Canada, having 58 confirmed shows booked in 2020. Even with Covid restrictions they are actively live streaming and have 49 in person shows booked throughout the states of Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana for 2021.

— Live Voltage